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Home Is Where The Art Is

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Photo Credit; Madison Art Consulting

There are many ways people are impacted by art in the workplace. It promotes social interactions, evokes stimulating conversations, facilitates personal connections, and entices learning. Inspiring and interesting art in the office should be a representative of your company’s culture and be a resource for innovative ideas and experiences.

Adding art to the décor of your environment adds energy and joy to your space and express what your organization finds most important. Whether your values are innovation, inclusivity, community, or our planet, art puts your company values at the forefront, making them visible and a part of your daily experience. Art in the office that makes an impact on society and ties into the company’s mission is inspiring a whole generation of new hires. It increases their sense of purpose and encourages them to go the extra mile because they feel a strong emotional connection to the organization. They relate to their company’s values on a personal level with an all-in commitment.

From pulling in branding colors to creatively displaying company values, art can be used to project pride in a company's brand and image. It is an important tool in a company’s tool chest to create an environment that reflects your brand and enriches the environment both physically and psychologically to give people a safe place to be their best when at the office. Art can positively impact employees’ moods and morale. It offers the capacity to connect and it is the perfect vehicle for delivering your message and expressing the company’s personality.

Fortune 500 Companies all over the world use art as part of their strategy to tell their unique story, attract and retain employees, and bring their company culture to life. If you are redesigning your current workspace, moving to a new location or just sprucing up for spring, take time to explore the benefits of bringing art into the workplace to make it effective and engaging for employees and visitors.

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