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Higher Education Environments

Furnishing Educational Spaces With Purpose

Experience the spaces created to help you succeed on your educational journey.

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Learning Commons: An increasing number of students are seeking both formal and informal learning. Cozy coffee bars and cafés within libraries and learning commons provide this balance.

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Café: Much like a home environment, these spaces are considered a hub where more than just dining happens.

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Recreation: Creativity-inducing spaces offer hands-on activities that engage the mind and offer an opportunity to reduce stress. These dynamic spaces provide a location to relax and connect or a comfortable niche to be alone while still among others.

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Prioritizing Flexibility: To accommodate a variety of learners and learning types, education spaces must be able to change and adapt – including options for mobility and storage.

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Supporting Inclusion and Belonging: When students have a sense of belonging, they are more engaged with their studies and their community, which ultimately allows them to excel in academics.

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Classroom: Mobility, flexibility, durability,and tech connectivity are allnecessary for today’s learners.

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Focus Space: Within common as well as open concept areas, focus spaces create private coves for heads down time. Offering visual privacy and providing a distraction-free spot, these nooks are essential to student success.

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Breakroom: With a unique ability to provide a space to relax, socialize, and eat, these rooms offer a retreat from daily activities.

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Staff: Full of excitement and possibility, these spaces accommodate those dedicated to athletics. From private offices to spaces that house team meetings, these areas need to be dynamic.

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Labs: As a fundamental component of active learning, labs provide a space where students can physically explore and discover. Student success soars when they have hands-on activities that allow them to experience the lesson.

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