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the Kershner name tells the story of more than fifty years of doing business in Philadelphia and how we continue to build life long relationships with our customers. Whether we're building a new space, renovating an existing one or simply updating and refreshing a work area, each is another opportunity to be the solution for our clients.

we're changing the way businesses 

think about workplace design.

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The Quiet Zone

There’s more than one type of lounge an office can have. Some lounges are designed to support collaboration, while others offer a private zone where people can block out distractions around them. But there’s a happy medium between working with others and working by yourself in a room with a door separating you from the rest of the office. That’s where quiet zones come in.

The See-Through Office


Why Interior Glass Is All The Rage

When glass walls are in place, employees find it easier to approach and talk with other people within the company. In the past, people were more timid to approach someone that they didn't see very often, but the glass walls help to open up the space and increase visibility of everyone in the office.

WorkAble Walls

New Trends In Workplace Design

There are a lot less walls in the workplace today. With teams and workloads continuing to grow, we’re being challenged to maximize every inch of space. Now, more than ever, the walls and surfaces need to do more “to earn their place”. Create functional, expressive walls by utilizing a unique palette of honest materials.

Designing For Workplace Wellbeing

When a workplace is shaped to encourage more movement and interaction, the increase in activity becomes easier for employees to sustain long-term. Designing office spaces with access to daylight and features such as, standing desks, communal working lounges, outdoor circulation paths, and interconnecting stairs, gives employees options for where and how they want to work. 





Sales Consultant

Generates leads, qualifies potential customers and convinces clients to buy furniture and services from the dealership. This position is responsible for sales volume, margin percent and new business goals on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Project Coordinator

Responsible for planning, proposing, procuring and managing the coordination and completion of project delivery and installation within prescribed time frames and cost parameters for client satisfaction.  Responsibilities also include final quote preparation, ordering and the acknowledgment process for all proposals that go through Design department. This position requires strict focus on workflow and client satisfaction. 

Office Administrator

This position requires you to have a wide range of skills and knowledge supports the leadership team in their daily responsibilities, which includes, writing and editing letters, emails and other correspondence. Proofreading documents and reports. Answering, phones and routing calls. Greeting guests

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