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The Kershner name tells the story of more than fifty years of doing business in Philadelphia and how we continue to build life long relationships with our customers. Whether we're building a new space, renovating an existing one or simply updating and refreshing a work area, each is another opportunity to be the solution for our clients.

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The Future Of The Office Isn’t Just Touchless. It’s Intelligent

Doors that swing open and elevators that know who just walked in. Lighting and windows that dim and brighten with the tap of a smartphone. As office owners and employers alike search for ways to safely return employees to the office, they are eyeing contactless technologies that promise a workplace of the future where employees can breeze in and out without touching a thing.

Has the Pandemic Transformed the Office Forever?

Companies are figuring out how to balance what appears to be a lasting shift toward remote work with the value of the physical workplace.

12 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Office in 2021

More and more organisations understand that office design has the ability to impact how people work and is an integral part of any successful business plan.

Here we’ve listed 12 reasons why you should invest in a new workplace design in 2021.

Workplace of the Future – Will 2021 see the End of the Office?

2020 became a year that will go down in history with the global pandemic causing a revolution in the way people work. It has been a transformative 12 months, and as employees thrive in remote work the question arises – will 2021 see the end of the office?

Covid-19 Offers The Opportunity To Redesign The Physical Office

The pandemic crisis demonstrated that organizations must be prepared to have their knowledge workers work remotely at very short notice. In the wake of Covid-19, organizations are now forced to redesign their digital and physical workspaces for resilience and adaptability. 

Four Ways You’ll Need to Shift Your Office Design in 2021

Crises are times when people naturally reflect on what’s truly important to them. And this pandemic will bring lasting changes to what employees need to stay engaged and productive.


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